Shepherd Christian's Tuition Remains Below Columbus Average for '19-'20 School Year

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Included - All students received a hot lunch prepared daily in our cafeteria.  Lunch for all students is included with tuition.

Annual Tuition - $5400

Annual Tuition - Tuition for the entire school year is $5400 and can be paid by monthly installments with a FACTS account.

Sibling Discounts — 10% sibling discounts is applied for families that have multiple children on the campus of Little Lambs and/or SCS.

Registration Fee - $500 annually

Annual Registration  — Every student pays the annual registration fee of $500 before the school year begins.  The registration fee is non-refundable.

assessment fee - $50 

One Time Fee — All new students to Shepherd Christian will be assessed prior to admission into the school.  School personnel will conduct the assessment before any other fees are required.  The assessment fee is non-refundable.

ed choice voucher - 

Traditional Ed Choice — We accept students who qualify for Ohio Ed Choice Voucher and who meet admittance requirements.

Ed Choice Expansion — We accept students who qualify for Ohio Ed Choice Expansion Vouchers and who meet admittance requirements.

After and Before Care

Before Care —Little Lambs Children's Center provides early morning care beginning at 6:30 am.

After Care —Little Lambs Children's Center provides afternoon care ending at 6:00 pm.

Rates —For Before, After and Summer Care rates call Little Lambs Children's Center at 614-471-9269.

more information about school choice

Ohio Ed Choice Information — To see if you are eligible for an Ed Choice scholarship visit: Ohio Department of Education

school supplies

Annual School Supplies— Every classroom will provide a school supply list during summer of 2019.  Parents are responsible for purchasing items on the list which average $40.


School uniforms

Uniforms — All students will be required to wear uniforms while at school which meet school guidelines.  

Purchase — Parents will be responsible for purchasing uniforms at a store of their choice.